Hungary 2017 M 91 mins
director: Ferenc Török
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Featured review by Jason Singer - The No Spoiler Critic
Distributor:  JIFF Distribution

"Torok juggles plenty of characters and themes - guilt, greed, Russian meddling, the Holocaust, justice - but he always remains firmly in control of his story. Every frame is meticulously crafted"

David Lewis - San Francisco Chronicle

This film will begin at 6.55 pm in Cinema 1 and at 7.05 pm in Cinema 2.

/star box score 3.85

1 vote -  10

2 votes - 15
3 votes - 60
4 votes - 117
5 votes - 78


Péter Rudolf - Szentes István

Bence Tasnádi - Szentes Árpád

Tamás Szabó Kimmel - Jancsi

Dóra Sztarenki = Kisrózsi

Ági Szirtes - Kustár Andrásne

József Szarvas - Kustar András

Eszter Nagy-Kálózy - Szentesné Anna

Iván Sngrlusz - Sámuel Hermann

Marcell Nagy - Son of Sámuel Hermann

Istán Znamenák - Station Master

Sándor Terhes - Iharos Pál


Director - Ferenc Török

Writers - Gábor T. Szántó, Ferenc Török

Producers - Iván Angelusz, Peter Reich, Ferenc Török

Co-producer -Zsuzsanna Bognár

Music - Tibor Szemzo

Cinematography - Elemér Ragályi

Film editing - Béla Barsi

Casting - Gábor Fischer

Production design - László Rajk

Art direction - Dorka Kiss

Costume design - Sosa Juristovszky

Filmed at Kalocsa, Skanzen and Börgönd in Hungary

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/Ferenc Török


born 1971 Budapest, Hungary

“The film has a universal meaning, it shows the structure of a relatively closed society with a powerful mafia-type man. We see this story repeated all over the world, where rich men rule over poor people who don’t have strong moral standards to reject their desire for the property of others. Human nature is very similar, we are very fragile, we all have ideals about what humans can be, but poverty can push people to do things that don’t fit morally.”