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2016 theme: journey into new

A number of this year’s films involve journeys in cars. The car is an intimate capsule into which we place ourselves – for a time we are isolated from the rest of the world. We are captive to the conversations of companions, or the streaming view from the window, or to the mysterious inner spaces of our minds.


Getting into a car opens up expectations and anticipatory feelings.  Is this a journey to an interview, a holiday, or just a trip to work or the shops?  Any journey may be the pathway to extraordinary experiences. Ultimately, after setting off, after the journeying,  we arrive – in one sense or another.  Of course, the journey is an analogy for much that we experience in our lives. And the viewing of a film is a journey brewed from the experiences and imagination of both the filmmaker and the viewer.


In our selection of films, we aim to take you on many captivating journeys - visual, aural, and thoroughly engaging, each in their unique way.  Let the journey begin.


Click on the title to find out more about the film. The Starbox rating by CFS members is shown at right.

Feb 15      Mr. Holmes                                       4.12

Feb 29      Tangerines                                       4.24


Mar 7         Selma                                                   4.47

Mar 21      Clouds of Sils Maria                        2.69


Apr 18      Charlie's Country                                3.78


May 2       Far from Men                                    4.00

May 16     The Imitation Game                        4.69

May 30     Phoenix                                             3.72

June 6       Locke                                                    3.81

June 20    Our Little Sister                                  3.63


July 18     The Third Man                                     3.85

                 Betty Jope Tribute screening


Aug 1       Tehran Taxi                                            3.05

Aug 15     Women He's Undressed                    3.81

Aug 29     The Mystery of Happiness                3.03


Sep 11     Inside Out

                   Kids' screening

Sep 12     Mr. Turner                                               3.74

Oct 10     Mustang                                                  4.00

Oct 24     Last Cab to Darwin                              4.37


Nov 7       An                                                             3.91

Nov 21    The Dark Horse                                     4.13


Dec 5      Living is Easy with Eyes Closed

                 Annual General Meeting

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