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2017 theme: revealing connections

Click on the title to find out more about the film. The Starbox rating by CFS members is shown at right.

Feb 6        The Bélier Family                                  4.63

Feb 20      Goldstone                                              3.81


Mar 6        Rams                                                           3.50

Mar 20     The Hunt for the Wilderpeople             4.25

Apr 24      The Nightingale                                        4.11


May 1        Spotlight                                                    4.54

May 15     Embrace of the Serpent                       3.16

May 29     Bridge of Spies                                     4.49


June 5      La Belle Saison                                        3.54

June 19   Citizen Kane                                              3.44

                   Betty Jope Tribute Screening


July 17     Juliéta                                                         3.72

July 31     Chasing Asylum                                       4.18


Aug 7       Theeb                                                          3.60

Aug 21     Indignation                                                3.70


Sep 4       After the Storm                                         2.86

Sep 17    Shaun the Sheep Movie 

                  Kids' screening

Sep 18   Sunset Song                                               3.37

Oct 16     The Salesman                                           3.62

Oct 30     Highly Strung                                             3.92


Nov 13    Things to Come                                        2.85

Nov 20    Truman                                                        4.01


Dec 4       Hail Caesar

                  Annual General Meeting

Superficially we have never been more connected - both physically though modern day travel options and virtually, through the world wide web of digital communications that fills the ether.  We can talk to our overseas relatives and friends in real time, know everything about everything at the touch of a button, and yet there is everything to learn - how to live in peace, how to survive.  

Our films this year seem to have a commonality in their exploration of the ties that bind us together and pull us apart.  Families, communities, neighbours, friends even nations, and the way they work are explored - sometimes hopefully, sometimes not.  They explore all the different ways in which we are connected and the equally numerous ways in which we drift apart.

There are directors of renown and experience - Speilberg, Almodóvar, Terence Davies, the Coen Brothers, several now building up a substantial reputation - Mia Hansen-Løve, Asghar Farhadi, Taika Waititi and Tom McCarthy and those who are completely new to us here in Australia.  We seek out films by directors who try to add to our emotional knowledge of life, the universe and everything and we are really excited by this year's selection.  There were so many to choose from, that we regretfully had to set some aside - maybe for another year.

Our aim this year is to reveal, with each new film, a truth about how we connect and communicate in an ever more troubling world.  There will be tears, but also many smiles - even a laugh here and there.  Do let us know what you think of our films.


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