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2018 theme: creative strokes

Click on the title to find out more about the film. The Starbox rating by CFS members is shown at right.

Feb 5        The Country Doctor                              4.10

Feb 19      Ali's Wedding                                         4.00


Mar 5        The Fencer                                              4.46

Mar 19      I Am Not Your Negro                          4.16


Apr 23      Frantz                                                       4.22

April 30    Arrival                                                       3.29


May 14     Graduation                                              3.31

May 28     Maudie                                                     4.44


June 4      A Man Called Ove                                 4.37

June 18   The Manchurian Candidate                3.66

                  Betty Jope Tribute Screening


July 16    Wednesday May 9                                 3.34

July 30    The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night        4.39

Aug 6       The King's Choice                                  4.34

Aug 20     Paterson                                                   3.24


Sep 3       Sami Blood                                              3.48

Sep 16     Sing

                 Kids' screening

Sep 17    Mountain                                                   4.04

Oct 15     Loving Vincent                                        4.25

Oct 29     The Berlin Syndrome                             2.83


Nov 12    Monsieur Chocolat                                 3.94

Nov 19    I, Daniel Blake                                          4.54

Dec 3      The Party                                                   3.49

Many of our 2018 films present artists, musicians or music lovers, there’s a photographer, a writer, a stage performer, folk who love to dance; there are the arts of climbing and of fencing, involving the

creative control of movement, mind and emotion.  And lets not forget film-writing and film-making are themselves highly imaginative pursuits too.

While we may not always understand the artist - what drives them to create works of art, or to pursue their craft in extremis, these films offer us some fascinating insights into their lives and their

imaginative worlds.

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