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We have no group photo as yet so the diagram above will have to do.  But we do have individual photos and mini profiles written by ourselves.  And we asked ourselves to nominate our three favourite films of all time too.  

/your 2021 committee


Jean  - President, Publicity

Hi, my name is Jean and I joined the CFS late last century because I tired of driving to the city area to see films of choice.  I started out just enjoying the Monday films then joined the Committee in 2014.   Recently I succeeded the late John Arkin as President. I like to bushwalk, travel, read, cook and eat and spend time with friends and family – particularly granddaughters. 

Favourite films has been a lively topic of conversation at dinners over the past two weeks and I still can’t choose  but among those that have stayed with me are  Of Gods and MenMary Poppins and, I shudder when I remember The Wind that Shakes the Barley.  

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John  - Vice President, Film Selection Survey, Cinema Liaison

My name is John  and I have been associated with film societies since 1954 in Manchester (England). I joined Croydon Film Society on arriving here from Perth (WA) in 1973. Currently I am Vice-President and chair of the Film Selection sub-committee. I compile the film selection list for members voting, and liaise with the cinema owners and managers. I am also VP of the Federation of Victorian Film Societies and Treasurer of the Australian Council of Film Societies. Retirement is beginning to look attractive.

Favourite films are Pather Panchali (Satyajit Ray, India 1955),  On The Town (Donen/Kelly USA 1949) and Ae Fond Kiss (Ken Loach, UK 2004) plus many many others.

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Christine  - Honorary Secretary/IT coordinator

I am Christine . My husband David and I joined CFS many years ago, had a break and returned in 2007. I felt a “calling” to join the CFS committee and I am enjoying my fourth year as a committee member and third as Secretary. We have both enjoyed the very varied range of films that CFS has screened over the years and I was profoundly moved by the film Water  (Director Deepa Mehta) screened many years ago. Favourite Films: (It is hard to list only three!): “Hero” (directed by Zhang Yimou) “The Last Samurai” (directed by Edward Zwick) and “Chocolat” (Directed by Lasse Hallström).

Favourite films -  (It is hard to list only three!):  Hero  (directed by Zhang Yimou) , The Last Samurai  (directed by Edward Zwick) and Chocolat  (directed by Lasse Hallström).

Kevin  - Honorary Treasurer

 I am a recently joined member of CFS and am enjoying having my cinematic horizons broadened. I have recently retired as a Primary School Teacher. My other interests include cycling and lawn bowls. Keeping up with children and 4 grandchildren also keeps Jenny and I quite busy.


Growing up, the favourite film of our family was The Sound of Music. When my children were younger, The Shawshank Redemption was very popular. I am now waiting to find out my next favourite film via the CFS!

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Richard  - Assistant Treasurer

I am Richard , a long term resident of Croydon. I have been on the CFS committee for many years, during most of which I have been Treasurer. 

There are too many excellent films in different genres to choose only three.

Irena  - Newsletter 

Howdy. So, I joined the CFS after a close friend introduced us by way of a Chrissie pressie – thank you again Stef. And now I find myself on the committee, as of 2020…woohoo! What I have enjoyed about the past year was the diversity of the screenings, it’s like watching SBS in a theatre. I like tea in a china cup with a saucer, coffee made by a barista and vanilla choc-tops.

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My three favourite films  -Three favorite films you say? 1. Sunshine, a 1973 HBO made TV movie – does it still count? It has everything, drama, romance, & a John Denver soundtrack. 2. Secret Life of Walter Mitty with its longboarding scene and the moment when Sean Penn’s character talks about the snow leopard. 3. I think I would have to say at this stage, the 2003 Korean film, A tale of two sisters for its storytelling style.

Julie  - Membership Secretary

I am Julie . Becoming Membership Secretary of the CFS many many years ago was a good decision. I was gently nudged into the position by fellow Committee member, Richard Bell, and I'm so glad he did. It has been lovely to have met and interacted with so many members, past and present. I've had so much fun being part of the Committee.  I think that new Committee member Jillian, will be happy to follow on from me, and will enjoy it just as much.

Family and travel are favourite pastimes. It is hard to believe that recently I was caught up in a blizzard in Iceland. As you see, I survived!  


A few of the films that I loved and continue to think about are - Dead Poets Society, Babel, Wadjda”(Saudi Arabia) and The Lives of Others  (Germany).

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Howard - Film bookings

I became interested I films from different countries when, in the 60s, I occasionally happened upon films that weren’t from Hollywood. They seemed to be much more interesting and varied. At that time film societies were they only place you could access these films. I haven’t regretted this 

interest. In fact I would be prepared to say I have learned much more about other cultures through film than what I would if I had done the normal tourist visit. 

I am currently responsible for ordering our films and making sure they turn up. I have ‘met’ some 

interesting people during this process.

Howard says he cannot choose just three films

Welcome Juliet John - our newest committee member


Favourite three films


Stefanie  - eNews & Webmaster 

My name is Stefanie, I currently produce the monthly eNews. It’s a great gig, it’s fun and a great way to pass on information to our members. As a member of the committee, I also partake in other duties, such as handing out Newsletters, scanning membership cards and of course, helping people to their seats in the dark (using my iPhone torch - sorry !!)


I’ve been a CFS member for five years and absolutely love the diversity and quality of films shown, and was excited to become a committee member last year !!!

My three favourite films: ARGHH too many to chose from…  Anything by Alfred Hitchcock, Django by Quentin Tarantino, To Kill a Mockingbird


Viki  - contributor to newsletter & eNews

Hello, I am Viki, a new member of the CFS Committee.  I would have joined the Society much sooner if I hadn’t been living in Sydney for the last 40 years. It is  one of the joyous rewards for moving here. 

I do various things including zapping tickets, handing out newsletters and contributing to the E-News and the Newsletter - easy for me since I am a former journalist, a feature writer and a film and theatre reviewer. 

My three favourite films:  From a list of about 50 favourites I choose The Godfather Part ll, Kind Hearts and Coronets and Argo.

Welcome Leanne - our newest committee member