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2020 theme: yesterday, today, tomorrow
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Click on the title to find out about a film.


Feb 1        Official Secrets (USA/UK)

Feb 15     By the Grace of God (France)

Mar 1        Sorry We Missed You (UK) 

Mar 15      Les Miserables (USA/UK)

Apr 19      Can You Ever Forgive Me? (USA)   


May 3        Working Woman (Israel)

May 17      Pavarotti (USA) 

May 31      Capharnaum (Lebanon)  


June 7       Yesterday (UK)

June 21    Ága (Bulgaria)


July 12     400 Blows (France)

                   Betty Jope Tribute

July 26     Portrait of a Lady on Fire  (France)

Aug 2       Rosie (Ireland)

Aug 16     Pain and Glory (Spain)


Aug 30    The Farewell (USA)

Sep 5       Toy Story 4 (USA)

                  Kids' screening

Sep 13    The Heiresses (Paraguay)

Oct 11      2040 (Australia)

Oct 25      The Third Wife (Vietnam) 

Nov 8       The Favourite (UK/USA)

Nov 22     For Sama (Syria/UK)


Dec 6       Top End Wedding (Australia) 

Unfortunately coronavirus prevented planned screenings in 2020 and the program was held over for 2021.


Croydon Film Society has now been in existence for over 60 years, and so it is fitting that when we had selected our 2020 program we noticed that many of the films reflected yesterday - either because the films themselves were old, they were set in the past, whether distant or recent, or reflected on the past.  Cinema itself, of course, has existed for over 100 years now and we hope that that rich history is reflected in the very wide range of techniques and styles reflected in the films in our 2020 program.

But the past is why we are here today - in so many ways.  Not one of the contemporary films on offer here, is unaffected by the past, whether it be traditions that have to be maintained, episodes in personal pasts, historical events, or simply remembrance of things past.

As to the future - as yet unknown, but that too is the result of the past, and of what we do today. There is just one 'future' film in our 2020 selection - Damian Gameau's 2040, but every single film in the program can be connected to the future in some way.

And here's one of those strange coincidences. Our last film of 2019 was about a wedding.  As are our first and last of 2020. A wedding encompasses yesterday - the traditions of the whole event, and the histories of the players.  The event itself is an occasion for all manner of plot devices from comedy to tragedy and at the end we are left wondering what will happen to the young couple at the centre in the future.

We know that many of you have been members of Croydon Film Society for much of its history. We hope that you will continue with us for just a bit longer, and that a new generation of members will expand our horizons.  Just like our committee which now has just four 'oldies' left - three at least of whom may well be leaving us next year.

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