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There are a number of positions that are shaping up in this in warm-hearted, active committee, and we hope that you will consider nominating for one that you feel you can happily fill.

One role is a very important role - the selector of films for the year-to-be. This person makes the long list from which members cast their votes, and from which twenty-one films will become the next program. If you love films, follow a broad range of previews and reviews, take in festivals including at least some of MIFF and love sharing your favourites with fellow members, then you are invited to apply for the equivalent of an internship, working closely with the remarkable John Turner, who has been the master of this role for many years. 

Eventually even superstars start thinking of retirement. Another long-standing, hard-working committee member is Howard Tankey, whose job it has been to chase up the distributors and ensure that the films arrive in the right format on the right night. Howard too is beginning to think of putting his feet up but needs to know that his role will be in good hands.

Another position we would really appreciate filling is a person with an interest in the computer field. If you know your way around various platforms and programs and are inclined to be a digital problem-solver then please put your hand up.

Our committee members are also be rostered at regular intervals throughout the year to scan tickets or hand out newsletters and join in the committee meetings. There are a couple of general committee positions vacant as well.

Why don’t you come along and observe what the committee does at its meetings? We do hope you will consider joining us on The Croydon Film Society’s Committee of Management.

Please contact a committee member regarding your interest in joining the committee or email We look forward to hearing from you. 


Top End Wedding

Australia 2019 M 113 mins director: Wayne Blair distribution: Universal Pictures International

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