/a fantastic woman

2017 M 104 mins
director: Sebastián Lelio
At its core, A Fantastic Woman is a story about grief and the walls we put up to avoid processing it, that just so happens to include the added context of trans identity."
Clint Worthington - Alcohollywood
Rotten Tomatoes
Featured review by Louise Keller - Urban Cinefile
Distributor:  Sony

Winner Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film

Berlin Film Festival - Special Mention Prize of Ecumenical Jury, Silver Bear - Best Screenplay, Teddy Award - Best Feature Film 

This film will begin at 6.55 pm in Cinema 1 and at 7.05 pm in Cinema 2.

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/star box score 3.85

1 vote - 4
2 votes - 14
3 votes - 79
4 votes - 138
5 votes - 72


Daniela Vega - Marina Vidal

Francisco Reyes - Orlando

Luis Gnecco - Gabo

Aline Küppenheim - Sonia

Nicolás Saavedra - Bruno

Amparo Noguera - Adriana

Trinidad González - Wanda


Director - Sebastián Lelio

Screenplay - Sebastiálelio and Gonzalo Maza

Producers - Juan de Dios Larrain, Pablo Larrain, Sebastiáb Lelio, Gonzalo Maza

Executive producers - Mariana Harvard, Rocio Jade, Jonathan King, Jeff Skoll, Ben von Dobeneck

Music - Nani Garciea (composer), Matthew Herbert

Cinematography - Benjamin Echazarreta

Film editing - Soledad Saifate

Casting - Alejandra Alaff, Moira Miller

Production design - Estefania Larrain

Costume design - Muriel Parra

Production Management - Alejandro Wise

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Filmed on location in Santiago, Chile and at the Iguazù Falls, Argentina

/Sebastián Lelio


born 1974 Santiago, Chile

“Cinema is a bridge – it should never be a wall. It is where I cross into the unknown, learn and expand the limits of empathy in others and myself.”


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