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Here you will find earlier discussion topics - but they are not so old that they are not still relevant.  We would still like to hear from you.  It's just that the News and archive pages were getting a bit crowded. So send us an email.  Let us know what you think.

The History of Film Societies in Australia

Our new old home

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$50,00 for Film society members

$75.00 for non-film society members or for a second copy

/the history of film societies in Australia
Read all about ...
  • How film societies were instrumental in the creation and development of the Melbourne Internation al Film Society

  • How film societies played an important role in creating Australia's censorship rules, and copyright provisions

  • How the film society movement was crucial in the creation of bodies such as the AFI, The National Film and Sound Archive, State Film Libraries ...

  • Learn all about the movers and shakers of the early film society movement in Australia, including our own Betty Jope

Our Vice-President and film guru, John Turner has dedicated much of his life, in between work and family life, to the film society movement in Australia.  He is a bit of a mover and shaker himself.  As such he believed that the story should be out there for all to now and for the past 15 years he has been working on a history of the Australian film society movement.  


Without the film society movement and the people who drove it Australia's film culture would not be what it is today.  This deeply researched book is beautifully illustrated and contains all manner of unexpected facts and stories.  Alas I have no picture of the book itself, hence my page illustrations (which should be the book)  but which illustrates how film itself has changed in recent times.

The Federation of Victorian Film Societies has generously agreed to subsidise the cost of the book for film societies and film society members.  Croydon Film Society has purchased a copy - now it's your turn.  A glossy cookbook, art book, gardening book will cost you more and here, for $50.00 you will have many hours of fascinating reading.

/our new/old home

2016 will see the return of Croydon Film Society to an old home - the Croydon Cinemas.  Over the years Croydon cinemas have been owned by Dendy, Village, Hoyts and a variety of independent operators - we were there before in the time of one of these independent operators, and of Hoyts.  But Hoyts, pulled the plug and so we moved to Reading Cinemas at Chirnside Park.  Alas Readings Head Office have now made it impossible to continue using their venue unless we almost triple our membership fees.  And we must stress that the local management of the cinemas bear no responisbility for this.  They have always been more than helpful to us. Fortunately when we approached George Aleksiunas, the current operator of Croydon Cinemas we received a warm welcome.  Negotiations are complete and our 2016 season will screen in a new/old home.


George is a true film fan and has his own arthouse and cult screenings in his cinemas.  There are plans to expand the complex next year by going upwards, and this will include a lift to replace the chair lift which will carry those unable to manage the stairs.  We shall be using cinemas 1 and 2 - the two largest.  Cinema 2 is completely accessible by the chair lift, cinema 1 only partly so.


We shall be able to continue our discussion group after the film and we and George are investigating the possibility of persuading one or some of the local cafés to open for meals before and coffee and cake after our screenings.  The contacts page has a list (and links) of those already open.


Our name is Croydon Film Society - so it is apt that we should be returning to Croydon where it all began.  It is more central to our membership and easily reached by public transport, as well as providing ample parking nearby.  We hope you will join us there in the new year.


If you send us a comment on anything related to our move we will post it here.