/les misérables

2019 MA15 104 mins
director: Ladj Ly

"Fleet of foot and fiery of belly, this new Les Mis is an attention-commanding debut from a filmmaker with a finger on his home town's ever-quickening pulse." Robbie Collin Daily Telegraph UK

This film will begin at 6.55pm in Cinema 1 and at 7.05pm in Cinema 2


/star box score - 3.63


5 votes - 33

4 votes - 68

3 votes - 33

2 votes - 11

1 vote    - 12

Total votes - 157


Filmed in France, Seine-Saint-Denis & Paros


/ Ladj Ly


born 1978 in Mali


 “The cub is clearly a metaphor for being deprived of freedom, of being unnaturally trapped,” he says. “The misery of Montfermeil has never been really addressed. We’re still trapped, still misunderstood, still underfunded.”

“I bought my first camera aged 17 and made my first feature-length documentary during the 2005 riots. The riots erupted at the bottom of my building, and ultimately I had 100 hours of rushes.” At the time, the rioters were condemned by interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy as “racaille” or scum, a slur that still outrages Ly. “He caused the riots by underfunding us and using such words to get the far-right racists to support his election campaign rather than the National Front.” Just possibly it worked: Sarkozy was elected French president two years later." Stuart Jeffries The Guardian