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2017 M 116 mins
director: Eric Toledano
"Few films this year will provide as much sheer joy as this bubbly, charming and relentlessly hilarious jog around an arena we're all familiar with."
Hilary A. White - Sunday Independent (Ireland)
Rotten Tomatoes
Distributor:  Madman

This film preceded by the AGM in Cinema 1 beginning at 6.45.  The film will begin at approximately 7.30 in both cinemas.

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Jean-Pierre Bacri - Max Angély

Jean-Paul Rove - Guy

Gilles Lellouche - James

Vincent Macaigne - Julien

Eye Haldara - Adèle

Suzanne Clément - Josiane

Alban Ivanov - Samy

Hélène Vincent - Pierre's mother

Benjamin Lavernhe - Pierre, the groom

Judith Chemia - Héléna, the bride

William Lebghil - Seb

Kévin Azals - Patrice


Directors/Writers - Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano

Producers - Nicolas Duval Adassovskvy, Laurent Zeitoun, Yann Zeitoun

Music - Avishai Cohen

Cinematography - David Chizallet

Film editing - Dorian Rigal-Ansous

Casting - Mohamed Belhamar, Elodie Demey, Natacha Kossmann, Marie-France Michel

Production design - Nicolas de Boiscuillé, Cédric Henry 

Art direction - Matthieu Vadepied

Set decoration - Tibor Dora, Alexandrine Mauvezin-Bosque

Costume design - Isabelle Pannetier

Filmed on location in Paris, Château de Courance, Courante, and around Fountainebleau

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/Olivier Nakache


born 1973 Suresnes, France

/Eric Toledano


born 1971 Paris, France