/cold war

2018 M 84 mins
director: Pawel Pawlikowski
"A love story that feels strangled by history, a character study and historical tone poem that triumphs on both of those levels."
Tim Brayton - Alternate Ending
Rotten Tomatoes
Featured review - Stephanie Zacharek - Time Magazine
Distributor:  Palace

/star box score 3.83

1 vote - 5
2 votes - 16
3 votes - 70
4 votes - 120
5 votes - 70


Joanna Kulig - Zula

Tomasz Ko - Wiktor

Borys Szyc - Kacmarek

Agata Kulesza - Irena

Cédric Kahn - Michel

Jeanne Balibar - Juliette

Adam Woronowicz - Consul

Adam Ferency - Minister


Director - Pawel Pawlikowski

Story - Pawel Pawlikowski

Screenplay - Pawel Pawlikowski, Janusz Glowacki with collaboration of Piotr Borkowski

Producers - Ewa Puszczynska, Tanya Seghatchian

Co=producers - Malgorzata Bela, Piotr Dzieciol

Executive producers - Daniel Battsek, Lizzie France, Jeremy Gawade, Nathaniel Karmitz, Rohit Khattar, John Woodward

Cinematography - Lukasz Zal

Film editing - Jaroslaw Kaminski

Casting - Magdalena Szwarcbart

Production design - Benoit Barouh, Marcel Slawinski, Katarzyna Sobanska-Strzalkowska

Set decoration - Marcel Slawinski, Katarzyna Sobanska-Strzalkowska

Costume design - Ola Staszko

NB This film will begin at 7.20 sharp in both cinemas.  From 6.50 to 7.15 in Cinema 1 we will present the John Arkins Deakin Scholarship for 2019.

Filmed mainly in Lódz, Poland, Croatia and Paris

/let's talk about this film

/Pawel Pawlikowski


born 1957 Warsaw, Poland

“I’m not a professional filmmaker, it’s just a little part of my life and it’s not how I define myself. It’s not really important whether I make the film in Poland, England or wherever. The films are always the result of where I am, what I’ve discovered and what’s in my head.”

In his own words: “I lived a pretty chaotic life. I went to England and I moved around, and there were a lot of things that I was interested in. I wrote poetry. I took photographs. I was a musician and all sorts of things. Nothing brilliant, but I did all these different things. Usually, when you say that you did all these different things, it’s quite good when you can synthesize them in cinema, because cinema uses all these things. Also, it’s also knowledge about photography, about human psychology, and other things. But, to be more specific, I never went to film school. I actually studied literature and philosophy. So, when I started making films, I didn’t really know what I was doing, and I was too proud and arrogant to learn.” 

Also brought up a Catholic by his devout mother, but his father was Jewish.  His paternal grandmother died in Auschwitz.  His parents split but eventually reunited.  He has lived in France and Germany but mostly England, where he was a Fellow at Oxford University for a while. His wife died of cancer a few years ago and he took time off to care for her and see his children through the final years of their education.  He began his filmmaking career making documentaries on British TV.


The Stringer -1998

Last Resort - 2000

My Summer of Love - 2004

The Woman in the Fifth - 2011

Ida -2013

Cold War - 2018