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CFS is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who make up the Committee of Management.  There are twelve of us and we all have our specific jobs to do.  Many of us have been on the Committee for a very long time which has its pluses and minuses.  New faces mean new initiatives and a fresh look at things.  Old faces mean efficient methods of working together, comfort and friendliness.  Both are to be desired and we do try to refresh the Committee now and then.
/your 2021   committee
Your 2021 committee is now in operation.  We have sorted ourselves out and so we would like to introduce ourselves.
There are things we all do and things that are each individual committee member's special task.
We all take a turn on the door - it's not very often. We all attend committee meetings - there are six plus the film selection meeting in the year.  Of course if you are away or sick then you can't be there and that's OK - as long as it's not too often.  We meet on Monday evenings at 7.30.  Our first meeting of 2019 is on January 29.  We take it in turns to be host for the evening.  Some of us lead the discussion after the film but this is not compulsory.
As to the special duties - they are a bit of a moveable feast in how the tasks are allotted and we decide who is going to do what at our first meeting in every year - at the end of January.
We need a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary, but even these duties depend to a certain extent on who is doing them - and some of them can be split between two people.  
Other tasks that will always be needed are someone to manage the membership list, someone to book the films and make sure they turn up, someone to liaise with the cinema, a house manager, someone to manage and develop our IT needs 
Then there are communications - publicity, newsletter, website, eNews, Facebook ...  This is very definitely a moveable feast and currently has a small but very active and enthusiastic sub-committee to manage it all.  We meet every now and then over lunch.
All of these tasks are adaptable to the personality of the person who takes them on.
So over to you.  Please join us.  It is a lot of fun.  We would have left the committee many moons ago if it wasn't.
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