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Film Programs

Films are screened on Monday evenings at 7:10pm and 7:20pm, however, individual films may have different start times if they are very long, follow a meeting, have a special guest, or are screened in the Winter months - so it is recommended that you always check the start time and cinema numbers shown on the home page.

The following protocols make the cinema experience more enjoyable for all members:

  • Remain seated until film credits finish (if there is a special circumstance and you know that you need to leave early, please sit towards the back of the cinema and on the end of a row to minimise disruption to others)

  • Fill seats from the centre of the row so members do not have to squeeze past those seated to get to vacant seats (if you need an aisle seat for any reason, perhaps reserve it by placing a jacket on it until you are ready to sit down)

  • Ensure that phones are turned off and refrain from talking once the film starts.


After each screening, members are invited to rate the film by placing a token in the CFS 'starbox' to award the film 1-5 stars, and the average starbox score is then calculated.

Members are invited to adjourn to 'Crave Restaurant' for coffee and dessert to discuss the film, which is a great way to meet new friends and catch up with existing ones.

How are films selected for the program?

The Film Selection Sub-Committee researches recent releases and reads a range of reviews prior to meeting to create a list of films that they believe may be of interest to Croydon Film Society members.


The shortlist is presented to CFS members as part of an annual survey to gather input from our audience.


Once member votes are tallied, the CFS committee meets to reduce the list down to 18 films plus a few 'in reserve' in case of lack of availability. Films are selected ensuring a mix of foreign and English language films which are usually alternated on the schedule, whilst a classic film is included as a tribute to Betty Jope.


Film distributors are then contacted and availability of each film confirmed, whilst the cinemas are also booked. Details of the forthcoming year's program are then published and made available to CFS members.

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