If you are truly interested in film, talking about them, watching them, making them, then there are other options to CFS in your area.  Recently we have learnt about two, but there are probably more, and we shall be looking into this. If you know about such a group do share with us and we shall publicise it here.

In the meantime here are details of one we know about.

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We were recently asked if we would like to join the judging panel for some short films made by this group.  One current committee member, Stef Kruger and one 'old' committee member, Gwyn Davies obliged. Gwyn was most impressed by the films that had been made and greatly enjoyed the evening.


The group claims on their website. to be: "Australia's Premier Amateur Movie Making Group" which is quite a claim, but it is said with confidence so maybe it's true.  It's been around for 67 years so they must be doing something right.  67 years is longer than our own 62 so we recognise the achievement.  And it is so much easier to make movies these days.  You can do it on your phone!

"As our name suggests our passion is making movies, from short films, documentaries, travel to wildlife.  Technically we like to learn, experiment and generally have a go.  Currently we are doing a lot of short-shorts, films 60-90sec which is proving very interesting and a lot of fun."

The group meets on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at 8.00pm at Ringwood East Senior Citizens Centre, 6 Laurence Grove, Ringwood East.  The annual membership fee is $50.00

Like us they are about to close down for the year and will reopen in February.  Details for their 2019 program are not yet available on their website but doubtless it will be updated over the Christmas break.

Enquiries can be made from the President Norman Lingwood:

nlingwood@enel.com.au or 0411 403 880

So if you are interested in doing interesting things with your phone or other film-making device, this could be for you.

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