It has been suggested that we should have a page of links to sites that might be of interest - so here it is.  If you think we are missing something, then send us an email with your suggestion.
Please note, this page is an ongoing work in progress and is by no means complete.


IMDBJust enter the name of a film, or a person and you will be directed to a myriad of sites - no person or film is too obscure to not have an entry here, though it may not be very detailed.  There are also news pages, lists of best and worst, message boards and youc an even contribute your own review.  Owned by Amazon I believe - it's the go to site.  There is an app too for your tablet.
Rotten Tomatoes - Not quite as comprehensive but similar. The choice between these two majors is a personal choice.
Urban Cinefile - A home-grown Australian site run by Andrew L. Urban and his wife Louise Keller, that provides an Australian perspective.  It provides its own reviews rather than directing you to others but has a whole lot of other stuff.
/general sites about films