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How we choose our films

Our films have been chosen and are currently being booked.  This is how we chose them:

Are you one of the majority of members who ticked potential films for 2020 on the list in the last newsletter?  And are you one who wonders whether your choosing makes a difference?

The selection committee meeting in October was the first for me. You may be glad to know that your choices mattered a lot.  Of the 175 films on the printed list, you gave at least one vote to 150 of them.  In itself this was helpful - we could immediately discard 25 contenders. Then we worked from what is effectively your list.

The average number of ticks was about six or seven, though some films got 20 or more. And quite a lot got just one.

The committee’s job is to select 22 films for the year.  There are two special categories - the Betty Jope Tribute film, chosen from classic favourites, and the Kids Day film. There were quite few nominees for each of these but, once the two were selected, we still had 135 from which we had to to select 20.

There is a pattern that you may have noticed - usually an English language film alternates with a foreign film.  And, where possible, an upbeat, lively film is often followed by a more thought-provoking one.


Though all of us had favourites and some had very definite non-favourites, we kept referring to your votes, especially to the top and middle clusters.

Why didn’t we not just rely entirely on your list?  Partly because of the need for balance, also because some of your and our first choices may simply not be available when we want them.   In case any on our draft final list are not available we also nominated five reserves.

Once we made the draft list Vice President John Turner, our resident expert, began the sometimes-delicate process of negotiating with distributors.    

As soon as we know for sure that every selected film will be available when we wish it to be we will publish the final list.  Then it will be published on the website and in the newsletter and, finally, printed on a poster for you to stick on a wall or the fridge so that you don’t miss a single one.


To me it looks like a rich and wonderful selection.

Viki Wright-Rivett

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