USA 2019 M 114 mins
director: Ron Howard

This film will begin at 6.55pm in Cinema 1 and at 7.05pm in Cinema 2


"Director Ron Howard knows how to make it emotional and appealing, to make us love the man as well as the extraordinary voice, as he skims the surface of a grand life and career."  Paul Byrnes - Sydney Morning Herald

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Distributor:  Madman Entertainment

/star box score - 4.59


5 votes - 120

4 votes - 56

3 votes - 9

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Total votes - 186

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Luciano Pavarotti - archival footage

Andrea Griminelli - himself

Nicoletta Mantovani - herself

Bono - himself

Angela Gheorghiu - herself

Lorenza Pavarotti - herself

Giuliana Pavarotti - herself


Director- Ron Howard
Writers- Cassidy Hartmann & Mark Monroe
Producers-Jeanne Elfant Festa, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Michael Rosenberg & Nigel Sinclair
Supervising Producers- Mark McCune
Executive Producers- David Blackman, Paul Crowder, Guy East, Nicholas Ferrall, Lorenzo Gangarossa, Mario Gianani, Lorenzo Miele & Dickon Stainer
Cinematography- Axel Baumann, Michael Dwyer, Patrizio Sacco & Michael Wood
Film Editing- Paul Crowder
Music-Ric Markmann, Matter Music, Dan Pinnella & Chris Wagner
Visual Effects- Tim Binmoeller

/Ron Howard


born in 1954 Oklahoma, USA

“I knew that operas were very dramatic and that his life was very dramatic and so it was pretty easy early on to say ‘Hey, I wonder if we can actually understand these performances of particular arias and use them in the film so in a way we’re kind of telling his story’"Ron Howard