Streaming is the next major change in the way we view films.  First we had television, then there was video and dvd, and now we have streaming.  Will cinemas survive this one?
On this page we will introduce you to some of the streaming services now freely (and not so freely) available to choose from.   You will need to check the services themselves to see what is currently worth watching.
SBS World Movies (channel 32)
SBS World Movies (channel 32)

SBS World Movies is now here.  Strictly speaking this is not a streaming service - it's TV, but the two kinds of viewing are becoming increasingly intertwined and so we include it here.

The new service is screened in HD and will run 24 hours a day.  As well as an amazing selection of films from around the world - at least half the titles will be in a language other than English - there will be specially curated programs associated cultural festivals and events.  Most of the films that are originally shown in the high profile time slots are repeated at other times and they are also available on SBS ON Demand, so if you miss something you can always catch up.  You do have to be selective - just because it's foreign doesn't mean it's good - but there are a lot of wonderful films here.

You may already be familiar with the SBS On Demand service but just in case ...  

As well as the usual catch up offering that is similar to the commercial channels catch-up services, SBS has an amazing selection of films and series, and individual programs that do not appear on any of its channels.  This is particularly true of its selection of world movies.  The selection changes all the time and apparently will not be exactly the same as those shown on the new World Movies channel, although there will be some overlap. You will need to register but it's free.

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ABC iview does not feature movies in the same way as SBS, but as well as a very useful catch up service it does have many documentaries and single programs of interest if you follow the arts scene, including several short films of note.  And it's completely free.


At your local library you will find that you can access Kanopy a streaming service that has over 30,000 titles - films, documentaries, TV series, educational videos and much more.  Visit your local library or their website to find out more.