/sweet country

Australia 2017 MA 113 mins
director: Warwick Thornton

"combines exquisite visuals of Australian landscapes with a script that dabbles as much in mythical justice as deeply specific ideas of what this country is made of."

Blake Howard - Flicks.com.au

Rotten Tomatoes
Distributor:  Transmission

Featured review by MaryAnn Johnson - The Flick Filosopher

This film will begin at 6.55 pm in Cinema 1 and at 7.05 pm in Cinema 2.

AACTA Awards for Best Film, Best Lead Actor, Hamilton Morris, Best Direction, Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing

Special Jury Prize Best Film at Venice Film Festival.

1 vote - 5
2 votes - 13
3 votes - 42
4 votes - 119
5 votes - 87

/star box score 4.02


Hamilton Morris - Sam Kelly,

Bryan Brown - Sergeant Fletcher

Luka Magdeline Cole - Olive

Shanika Cole - Lucy

Matt Day - Judge Taylor

Sam Neill - Fred Smith

Ewen Leslie - Harry March

Thomas M. Wright - Mick Kennedy

Tremayne & Trevon Doolan - Philomac

Anni Finsterer - Nell

Natassia Gorey Furber - Lizzie

Gibson John - Archie


Director - Warwick Thornton

Writers - Steven McGregor, David Trantor

Producers - David Jowsey, Greer Simpkin

Executive Producers - Scott Otto Anderson, Craig Deeker, Christina Kennedy, Trevor Kennedy, Oliver Lawrence, Andrew Mackie, Ricard Payten

Cinematography - Dylan River, Warwick Thornton

Film editing - Nick Meyers

Casting - Anushka Zarkesh

Production design - Tony Cronin

Art Direction - Theo Benton

Costume design - Heather Wallace

Locations include, Lake Gairdner, SA, Eyre Peninsula, SA, Ooraminna Station, NT, Simpson Desert, SA, Alice Springs, MacDonnell Ranges, NT, Trephina Gorge, NT

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/Warwick Thornton


born 1970 Alice Springs, NT

“Cinema is just knocking on doors and opening up time and places that you don’t have access to. That’s the most important thing about cinema.”