/the farewell

2019 PG 100 mins
director: Lulu Wang

"This exquisite experience is not depressing in the slightest. Conversely, you will leave in a state of hope and happiness most movies could never hope to inspire.."

Leigh Paatsch - Herald-Sun

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Distributor: Roadshow

This film will begin at 6.55pm in Cinema 1 and at 7.05pm in Cinema 2

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Shuzhen Zhao - Nai Nai

Awkwafina - Billi

X Mayo - Suze

Hong Lu - Little Nai Nai

Hong Lin - Doctor Wu

Tzi Ma - Haiyan

Diana Lin - Lu Jian

Yang Xuejian - Mr. Li

Becca Khalil - Shirley

Yongbo Jiang - Uncle Haibin

Han Chen - Hao Hao

Aoi Mizuhara - Aiko

Xiang Li - Aunty Ling

Hongli Liu - Aunty Gao

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Director/Writer - Lulu Wang
Producers - Anita Gou, Daniele Tate Melia, Andrew Miano, Peter Saraf, Marc Turtletaub, Lulu Wang, Chris Weitz, Jane Zheng
Co-producers- Dan Balgoyan, Joshua M. Cohen
Executive Producer/producer - Eddie Rubin
Music - Alex Weston
Cinematography- Anna Franquesa Solano
Film Editing - Matt Friedman, Michael Taylor
Casting - Anne Kang, Leslie Woo
Production Design - Yong Ok Lee
Art Direction - W. Haley Ho
Set Decoration - Joseph Sorelle, Hanrui Wang
Costume DesignVanessa Porter, Athena Wang

Filmed on location in Changchun, China, New York

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/Lulu Wang


born 1983 Beijing, China

" My goal is, no matter what genre or story, I'll find a personal angle. It doesn't have to be autobiographical, or specifically Asian-American. It has to explore a burning question that I have."

Lulu Wang