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2018 MA 119 mins
director: Yorgos Lanthimos

"Eccentric, funny, shocking, and surprising. It's wonderful."

Wade Major - Film Week, Los Angeles

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Distributor: Park Circus

This film will begin at 6.55pm in Cinema 1 and at 7.05pm in Cinema 2

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Olivia Colman - Queen Anne

Rachel Weisz - Lady Sarah

Emma Stone - Abigail

Mark Gatiss - Lord Marlborough

James Smith - Godolphin

Nicholas Hoult - Harley

Joe Alwyn - Masham

Jenny Rainsford - Mae

Emma Delves - Queen's maid

Faye Daveney - Sarah's maid


Director - Yorgos Lanthimos
Writers - Deborah Davis, Tony McNamara
Producers - Ceci Dempsey, Ed Guiney, Yorgos Lanthimos, Lee Magiday
Executive Producers - Daniel Battsek, Deborah Davis, Rose Garnett, Ken Kao, Andrew Lowe, Tony McNamara, Josh Rosenbaum
Co-producer - Jennifer Semier
Line producer - Cait Collins
Cinematography - Robbie Ryan
Film Editing - Yorgos Mavropsaridis
Casting - Dixie Chassay
Production Design - Fiona Crombie
Art Direction - Caroline Barclay, Sarah Bick, Lynne Huitson, Dominic Roberts
Set Decoration - Alice Felton
Costume Design - Sandy Powell
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Filmed on location in

Hatfield House

Hampton Court Palace

Divinity School, Oxford,

Danson House,

Ashbridge Hertfordshire

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"Me, personally, what I want is to allow people to be engaged actively in watching the film. I like to construct films in a way that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, be able to enjoy them, be intrigued, start to think about the meaning of things - and hopefully by the end of it, you'll have some strong desire to keep thinking about them."
Yorgos Lanthimos

/Yorgos Lanthimos


born in 1973 Athens, Greece