2017 M 96 mins
director: Annemarie Jacir

"How often do you see a film set in contemporary Nazareth? And a really good one, with heart, humour, dynamism, and politics served without pressure or pain? "

CJ Johnson - Abc Radio

Rotten Tomatoes
Featured review by Mark Kermode - The Guardian
Distributor:  Potential

This film will begin at 6.55 pm in Cinema 1 and at 7.05 pm in Cinema 2.

/star box scores - 3.66


5 votes - 58

4 votes - 149

3 votes - 95

2 votes - 26

1 vote    -   9

Total votes - 337


Mohammed Bakri - Abu Shadi

Saleh Bakri - Shadi

Maria Zreik - Umal

Tarik Kopty - Abu Murad

Monera Shehadeh - Um Murad

Lama Tatour - Maria


Director/Writer - Annemarie Jacir

Producer - Ossama Bawardi

Co-producers - Jacques Bidou, Marianne Dumoulin, Cristina Gallego, Titus Kreyenberg, Katrin Pors, Georges Schoucair, Ruben Thorkidsen

Cinematography - Antoine Héberié

Film editing - Jacques Comets

Production design - Nael Kanj

Costume design - Hamada Atallah

/Simon Baker


born 1969, Launceston, Tasmania

/Annemarie Jacir


born 1974 Bethlehem, Palestine

“I really don’t want to explain anything in my works. It’s not a documentary. There’s so much injustice in Palestine, but I’m not making that kind of film.  I do like to focus on the very specific and the personal. Everything else comes out naturally because these conversations are real, these relationships are very real. It’s just there.”