There is a constant procession of film festivals in Melbourne.  In July and August they culminate in MIFF - the Melbourne International Film Festival, but for the rest of the year film societies have small festivals - often in scenic locations over a weekend, the commercial 'art house' cinemas host international festivals and there are other random events here and there.  Then there's always ACMI, although this is currently more of an intermittent pleasure whilst their major renovations take place.
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ACMI has closed until 2020 whilst major renovations are made.  In the meantime they will be screening films in the RMIT Capitol and Treasury Theatres.
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October 30 - November 24 
Palace cinemas

I'm not quite sure why this is called a mini festival as there are plenty of films to see over almost a month.  All the big British stars are on show, as are directors such as Ken Loach.  There are features and documentaries, romances, comedies, drama, intrigue, politics and love.  A relatively new festival for some reason but a treat for all.

October 31 - November 5
Cinema Nova

A small country with a big agenda.  This is the tenth Palestinian Film Festival and to celebrate the net has been spread wider to the Arab world in general.  Old, and new will be contrasted and compared in a vibrant program of thought-provoking films.

November 7-13
Cinema Nova

Iran has grown from a very tiny and specific film nation to one of the most important film producing countries in the world.  There are around a dozen films to be seen in this, the ninth festival.  Not to be missed.

November 8-17
Capitol Cinema

Russian cinema went through a period of doldrums but is rapidly rising to the top again.  ACMI who is hosting this event describes Russia as one of the most diverse film cultures.  It's certainly distinctive.  So take a trip to the city to have a look.

November 10-24
The Astor

Every year the Alliance Française presents a retrospective of the work of one of their great actors.  This year they feature the work of Isabelle Adjani, one of their most beautiful as well as most talented stars.  There are six films in this season including Queen Margot and Camille Claudel.

November 21 - December 1 Capitol and Treasury Theatres
Next door to Russia is Japan, another country with a very venerable history in film and a plethora of talented new and almost new directors making films which give insights to Japan, it's people and it's history.