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Annual membership of Croydon Film Society is excellent value and includes the following:

  • entry to 18 films screened exclusively for our members

  • FREE guest pass to bring a friend to one film screening per year

  • invited to attend post-film chats with other members

  • rate each film from 1-5 stars to contribute to the 'CFS starbox score'

  • receive regular updates and news

  • right to vote for the following year's films

  • receive CFS's annual poster detailing forthcoming film screenings

  • right to apply for committee membership

  • voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and other special general meetings as convened

Membership Fee

Annual membership $120

Annual concession membership $100

Got a question or lost your card?

Contact our Membership Secretary by calling 0490 663 159

or email

CLICK HERE TO JOIN: Membership Application for 2023

A membership may also be 'shared' allowing two people to be listed on the one membership ticket, however only one person may attend each film. In order to share a concession membership, both people must be eligible.

Short-term memberships are available for those who join during the year.

General Meetings

The 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Monday 27 March at 6:45pm in Cinema 1. The AGM agenda and meeting papers are available here, please read them before the meeting. The meeting pack also includes a nomination form for joining the committee and a proxy form if you wish to ask someone else to vote on your behalf.


A Special General Meeting will be held on Monday 16th October 2023.

CFS Annual General Meetings are traditionally held prior to a film screening. If desired, you may contact the Secretary by emailing to access AGM documents from previous years.

Croydon Film Society Inc.      A0002210E      ABN 86 032 186 970

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