introductory membership fees for 2019
Adult and adult shared membership          $30
Concessional and concessional shared memberships         $25
Full-time student      $25
Junior                           $25
A shared membership is available for 2 people.  Both names must be on the application form, and will appear on the (single) membership card.  
NB: Either party, but not both together may attend individual 
Sorry a Seniors Card does not qualify for a Concessional membership. A CRN (Centrelink Registered Number) must be quoted.
Concessional Shared Membership works in the same way as the Adult Shared Membership but in addition both people must qualify for a concessional category and quote their CRN numbers.
We have a few spaces for our introductory membership
Applications are now open.
First film on October 14 is Call Me By Your Name
5 films for $30.00 (Concession $25.00)
+ 2 newsletters, monthly eNews, poster/calendar, priority renewal 2020
Click on the button above to apply.  You will receive an email confirmation of your membership.  Bring this to the cinema and hand in at the door to receive your membership tickets.