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The History of Film Societies​​

​​Our Vice-President and film guru, John Turner, has dedicated much of his life, in between work and family, to the film society movement in Australia and is a bit of a mover and shaker himself. As such he believed that the story should be out there for all to know and for the past 15 years he has been working on a history of the Australian film society movement. Without the film society movement and the people who drove it, Australia’s film culture would not be what it is today. This well researched book is beautifully illustrated and contains many unexpected facts and stories, providing hours of fascinating reading on topics such as:

  • how film societies were instrumental in the creation and development of the Melbourne International Film Society
  • how film societies played an important role in creating Australia’s censorship rules and copyright provisions
  • how the film society movement was crucial in the creation of bodies such as the AFI, The National Film and Sound Archive, State Film Libraries
  • learn about the movers and shakers of the early film society movement in Australia, including our own Betty Jope

The Federation of Victorian Film Societies has generously subsidised the cost of the book for film societies and their members. Usually $75, CFS members can purchase a copy for only $50 ($75 for subsequent copies).

Ringwood Movie Makers

Unaffiliated with CFS, but of possible interest to our members, is Ringwood Movie Makers. They are one of Australia’s most successful non-professional movie making clubs. The club was formed in 1956 by a group of movie makers using film cameras, over time the thrust of the club has changed and members now produce movies using digital cameras and equipment. The club conducts movie competitions for its members and participates in many local and international events.

The club members work together on projects, help each other out with technical issues and create scripts and have fun at the same time. A yearly syllabus details the varied fortnightly activities. Special interests include animation, travel and documentaries as well as short films.