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2020 Film pages now complete

Memberships are still available. If anyone you know is interested in joining, contact our membership secretary or click on the button below.

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West Side Story will commence at 6.30pm in Cinema 1 and  6.40pm Cinema 2. Cinemas open just after 6.00pm

CFS Committee!!!

Goodbye Rosemary and Judith, Hello to Irena and Christopher. Introductions to follow... 

New Member 2020 application forms now available

Membership Cards have been sent out.  If you have not received yours then contact Julie the membership secretary  or call 0490 663 159 

2020 scores
Wajib - 3.66
We now have three What's on pages - one for festivals, one for films of interest in the commercial cinemas and one for film related groups in your area. We look forward to recommendations from you as well as the committee, for current release films.